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Dear Diary

Can you even see your Vagina? Emotional/Mental abuse is real. Sometimes it’s hard to understand how someone so close to you who say they care for you, are the same ones willing to break you down.

     Already struggling with own insecurities and weight issues? Imagine sharing your body and intimacy with someone who hates the way you look. Always criticizing you telling you, you need to lose weight or you need to get surgery. Controlling what you eat. Telling you, you need a salad or you need to just stop eating. The moment you’re having a great day feeling great about your weight, they take it away from you. “You just need to tighten up your stomach more, you need to just try surgery.” In the shower and asking you can you see your vagina? “No you can’t your stomach too big to see it”.

Hearing this all the time, but they think this is support. They think they’re just pushing you to your goals. They are hard on you because they just want you to be happy with yourself. BULLSHIT. What does mental abuse mean exactly?

Means a willful verbal or nonverbal action that threatens, humiliates, harasses, coerces, intimidates, isolates, unreasonably confines, or punishes a vulnerable adult


Maybe people believe that this is helping them or that it’s encouraging. Or maybe they are emotional and mental abusers because they think this is being “real.” They are just being so honest with you! Maybe they just want you to look how they want you to look. Does this make it okay? Maybe they’re just insecure about themselves. Maybe they need to try to break you down to feel better about themselves. Maybe they’re toxic minded people that are negative. All their life they’ve been surrounded by toxic people or negative energy so that’s all they know. So they bring that abuse, energy and toxicity to your life. It’s so easy for a person to try to break you when they already see your insecurity is your weakness.

Make sure to never settle for this type of behavior. Sometimes we don’t even realize it’s being done. Protect your mental. Gain strength and realize enough is enough. Walk away from people that just want to break you down slowly because they’re broken. This was not a normal experience nor was it okay.


Mental Abuse Definition
Types Of Abuse

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