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Dear Diary,

I can’t breathe!!! Can we please talk about how serious Anxiety is? Just when you think you have your anxiety under control…BOOM! Another episode. What is anxiety?

     Anxiety is chest tightness, can’t breathe, you feel like your body tense up with chills. You are crying uncontrollably. Trying to do breathing exercises, tapping, praying. Nothing is working right? You can’t control this feeling. It’s like your chest is ready to burst out. It’s like you are shaking and just want to scream. You are nervous but panicking at the same time. Maybe you’re vomiting, restless or just feel sick to your stomach. You have all these uncomfortable emotions going on and your mind is just racing and you can’t stop. It’s like a uncomfortable adrenaline that’s overwhelming you. We have all these symptoms but what’s causing this?

     So much can cause anxiety. The number one thing is life! Sometimes you can just get so overwhelmed with life that you start to have an anxiety episode. You can be laying in bed trying to go to sleep and before you know it, it’s morning. You never went to sleep. Sometimes you become so overwhelmed with things you have to do or things you haven’t done that it’s a trigger for your anxiety. Sometimes it can be that life isn’t going as planned or so many things in your life you’re trying to gain some sense of control but can’t. Everyone’s experiences are different. You can have bad anxiety for different life experiences. Your trigger can be driving the highway and it’s too much traffic. Your mind starts to have all these thoughts and you begin to overwhelm yourself and start to trigger your anxiety. Society itself can be a trigger for anxiety. There are so many things that can cause anxiety episodes or triggers. Sometimes people don’t even realize they have anxiety. Maybe knowing you have to get up in the morning for work triggers your anxiety.

     Anxiety is not something that’s shameful. Embrace your anxiety. Seek help if needed. Come up with ways that can help you reduce your anxiety. It’s okay to have episodes here and there. It’s okay to experience anxiety. It’s all apart of life. How about you comment below and share your anxiety stories. This can help someone who maybe struggling themselves or doesn’t recognize they are experiencing anxiety. So I ask you, what’s your experience with anxiety? How are you able to manage it?




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