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Dear Diary,


Everyone has something to say about self-love right?! What does self-love look like for you? Going out to dinner by yourself? Going shopping by yourself? Spending any quality time with yourself? Well for me, it’s waking up everyday knowing your worth. Knowing you are capable of whatever you put your mind to. Knowing yourself and loving every part about you. Looking in the mirror knowing how beautiful or handsome you are. Never needing reassurance from anyone. Never questioning who you are. Knowing how to properly appreciate yourself without putting yourself in bad situations. Yes, we will do that from time to time but only because sometimes we just like to explore that bad side of us lol. Self-love can mean many things to different people. Some may not even understand what that feels like. Due to not knowing self-love we tend to become people we aren’t, don’t like or don’t want to be. We allow people to take advantage of us and to take us for granted. We allow things to continuously happen to us until it almost break us. Everyone has their story. Everyone has their journey. What is it that you’re doing or can do to make sure you have Self-love? Watch my video below to learn what I struggle with.

I hate Myself Video

Find out what are some things or areas where you feel less confident in. Be able to identify for yourself. This will help you find what it is you need to work on in order to get to your goal of finding self-love. Try to be alone when you do things. Try to write thoughts in your journal. If you hate writing, record yourself on your phone. Sometimes watching a video about us communicating what we are struggling with helps us see how much we want change. Looking at yourself sad or talk about this may make you cringe ?. In the video, I revealed to you what I struggle with. That’s hard to share with the world but I’m changing and working towards that goal everyday! Make the change, love every part of you and walk with confidence and purpose.

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